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Gifted Touch owner Krissy Moses, Certified Neuromuscular Therapist (NMT) and Nationally Licensed Massage Therapist of over 10 years, started Gifted Touch massage therapy in November of 2007 in Winter Park, Florida. After having worked in a variety of massage therapy facilities, Krissy wanted to create a practice that would be focused solely on the health needs of each client, rather than being focused on a specific massage therapy technique offered. In order to do this, each Gifted Touch massage therapist has had advanced training to truly help you eliminate the pain in your life and tailor each Orlando massage therapy session to your specific needs on any particular day.

The mission of Gifted Touch Massage Therapy is to help as many people as possible become pain free and to inspire them to take a preventative approach to their health, with the use of massage therapy and body work.
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A pain free life is possible and is just the beginning step in taking care of your health and having a better quality of life. At Gifted Touch massage therapy we are committed to you and offer pain relief for every body.

Now certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, Krissy now offers a whole person wellness experience.

Proud members of the Florida State Massage Therapy Association Massage therapy, known to these Orlando massage professionals as bodywork, and your health are taken very seriously at Gifted Touch massage therapy. In order to maintain a leading edge within their industry, Krissy and her Orlando massage therapists are all proud members of the Florida State Massage Therapy Association.

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Are you a first time client of Gifted Touch massage therapy? Click on the gift certificate above and download your free gift. Once downloaded print it out and call the office to set up your one of a kind massage in Orlando.

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