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Winter Park hypnotherapy services in Orlando Gifted Touch offers a whole person wellness experience with the addition of Hypnotherapy to their practice. Certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, Gifted Touch offers the highest quality of education and skills to help you. Not only do they have an in depth understanding of the workings of the body and mind, they also are very clear about the connection between the two or better still, the inability to separate them. Your physical health is largely a result of your mental health, and your mental health is certainly affected by your physical health. It is the job of the therapists at Gifted Touch to guide you so that your subconscious mind is in agreement with your
conscious wishes or goals. When this happens the internal conflict has been removed and you can live the life you deserve... and you'll be amazed at how easy it is to reach your goals when the blocks and internal limitations have been removed.

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The subconscious mind is that part of your mind where your emotions come from, where your behavior is directed from, where memory is stored and is basically the place where all our beliefs about ourselves and the world are held. The trouble is, most of us have formed these beliefs based on other people's views and reactions to our behaviors when we were children. If we do not reprogram our subconscious mind then we are basically running our lives from a 7 year olds vantage point. This is a scary thought given that many people that we interact with never take the time to question and reframe their beliefs, ever! Hypnotherapy looks at your current underlying belief system and changes those that are limiting your life or sabotaging your efforts of reaching your desired end.

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What To Expect

If you have never had hypnotherapy before Gifted Touch recommends that you view it as a guided meditation with a personal goal in mind. This takes away any pressure for you to "perform" or to "go anywhere." There are many misconceptions regarding hypnotherapy and we have the media and Hollywood to thank for that. There is no magical ability on the part of the therapist and everyone can be hypnotized if they choose to be and if they truly want to make changes in their life. So, the question that stands is this, do you want to change something in your life? If so, hypnotherapy is the answer.

Why Gifted Touch?

Gifted Touch offers a safe environment with gifted therapists to see to it that you get the best treatment that you deserve. It is their ethical and moral standing to assist you to reach your goals in as quick a time as possible. With backgrounds in psychology and philosophy Gifted Touch therapists also have a deeper understanding than many hypnotherapists. What else? Gifted Touch:

Offers a FREE over the phone or in office consultations
Records your first session at no extra cost to you
Uses many NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques to help you reach your goals quicker
Sessions are always confidential and affordable
Hypnotic Programming Session may be done over the phone
Accepts Visa & MasterCard

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"I am 69 yrs old and have struggled with weight all my life. For brevity sake, I will simply share that I have sought in a myriad of ways to discover the deep rooted reason that I have chosen to sabotage myself for as long as I can remember. Weight watchers, psychologists & gastric bypass to name a few. By the grace of God I found Krissy Moses and Gifted Touch – first as my massage therapist. One day as she worked her magic on my back, neck and shoulders she told me of her credentials as a hypnotherapist. After sharing my eating challenges and family history we decided to do some regression therapy back to my early childhood. After we uncovered the root cause of my life long challenges, I cried so hard, I don't know if it was the joy of knowing why or simply a release of knowing the block had been removed.

It has been two months since I began this process and I have lost 24 pounds thus far... and I know this time it is a permanent life change as it came from within and it has been so easy. I can only say positive, wonderful and grateful words about Krissy. I urge you to unlock anything that is holding you back in your life by using Gifted Touch for hypnotherapy. It's the best gift you can give to yourself and worth every penny!"
Nada Ciriello – Orlando, Florida

What Hypnotherapy can help you with:

Weight Loss
Stop Smoking
Stress Reduction
Depressed and anxious feelings
Sleep Improvement
Compulsive Behaviors
Addictive Behaviors
Test Anxiety
Test Preparation
Memory Improvement
Pain Reduction
Improve Self Esteem
Emotional Difficulties
Relationship difficulties
Resolving Feelings of Anger
Success Programming
Creating and Manifesting
Past Life Regression

If you don't see what you are looking for on the list please feel free to contact us. If it is something you want to change about yourself and you cannot by your own doing, then the likelihood is that Hypnotherapy can help you.

Ask about the total wellness session – which includes Craniosacral Therapy and Hypnotherapy at the same time... this is the ultimate experience!


"Thank you for helping me lower my eye pressure levels. One session of Hypnotherapy helped me control my eye pressure and significantly reduced the onset of glaucoma. My medical provider is most pleased with the results. I'm a believer!"
Rich Albright – Palm Bay, Florida

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