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Orlando Chair Massage Services

On Site Chair Massage in Winter Park and Orlando

Winter Park chair massage services

Gifted Touch, Orlando chair massage specialists, commit themselves to the highest customer service and ensure the best experience possible. Gifted Touch guarantees a professional and reliable chair massage services for you and those they are helping you serve. Gifted Touch ensures that they exceed your expectations for your event, health fair, onsite work massage, convention, or expo.

Ongoing Workplace Wellness Programs

The Gifted Touch workplace wellness programs provide weekly, bi-weekly or monthly massages for employees on-site. That's right, Gifted Touch professionals come to you! There are numerous physical and psychological benefits to adding Gifted Touch chair massage to your company's schedule, including: increased productivity,
less sick time, reduced stress and overall employee wellness. Gifted Touch chair massage therapists come to you with all the needed supplies, and set up in a small area that is convenient for you and your company. Your employees will enjoy between 10-30 minutes of rejuvenation, while at the same time feeling appreciated and acknowledged for the work they do. It's guaranteed to pay for itself in productivity, work satisfaction and enjoyment. It's a perfect recipe for success!

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Gifted Touch chair massage specialists have various payment options for workplace wellness programs in order to tailor for all your needs:

Preferred Option: The Company pays 100% of the costs so the employees don't have to.
Spilt- Pay: The Company pays 50% while the employee pays 50%.
Employee Covered: Employees pay for their own massages

What Gifted Touch Brings to YOU:

Friendly and accommodating staff to make sure you receive the perfect service
Professional, friendly, licensed and insured massage therapists.
We bring all supplies – chair, cleaning supplies and music (optional)
A great atmosphere for increased productivity and increased employee satisfaction!


Radically Increase Traffic To Your Booth – Draw crowds to YOUR booth by promoting FREE CHAIR MASSAGE! As people wait in line for their free chair massage, it will give you ample time to present your product or service. You will be the talk of the show and people will flock to your booth with no extra effort from you. The cost of hiring Gifted Touch is minimal compared to the increased exposure your company will get. Fill out the contact form and see for yourself how easy it is to hire a licensed, professional and reliable gifted touch massage therapist for your event. You will keep customers around your booth for longer and they will remember you for bringing them free chair massages when they are tired, achy and ready to relax.

Orlando chair massage services

Once attendees have enjoyed the invaluable Gifted Touch chair massage at your booth, they will spread the word so others will seek you out. The crowds will be heading straight for your booth... and so, be prepared for the increased traffic! Give Gifted Touch a call today and they will take care of the details to easily and effortlessly draw a crowd to your booth!

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