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Clients of Gifted Touch's Winter Park and Orlando massage therapy services know that massage and bodywork are some of the most effective ways of treating muscular pain. All massage therapy services offered by these Winter Park massage therapists have little to no negative side effects, and are most enjoyable!

Special Package Pricing On Massage Therapy Services

Member's only price for massage therapy is only $49 for 60 minutes and $75 for 90 minutes.

Membership is only $9.99/month! Click here to get your membership now and save!

6 Hour Special Massage Package – $380.00 (ONLY $63/hr session) Buy now

Massage Therapy Services and Pricing

Please click on the service of your choice for more information:

Craniosacral Therapy – $80 for 60 min / $110 for 90 min
Massage Therapy – $80 for 60 min / $110 for 90 min
Micro-Current Point Stimulation (MPS) Therapy – $80 for 60 min / $110 for 90 min
Medical Cupping – $80 for 60 min / $110 for 90 min
Sports Massage – $80 for 60 min / $110 for 90 min
Neuromuscular Therapy – $80 for 60 min / $110 for 90 min
Deep Tissue Massage – $80 for 60 min / $110 for 90 min
Medical Massage – $35 to $60 per unit
Relaxation Massage – $80 for 60 min / $110 for 90 min
Reiki Therapy – $80 for 60 minutes

Other Services and Pricing

Please click on the massage therapy service of your choice for more information:

Assisted Stretching – $80 for 60 minutes
Kinesio Taping – $20 for 10 to 15 min session
On Site Chair Massage – Please contact us for a quote
Hypnotherapy – $150 for 1.5 to 2 hour session

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"Hi Krissy,

"I just wanted to let you know that you are a LIFESAVER!! I was the client that came in 35 weeks pregnant with the SI joint pain... you did the kinetic taping and the massage. I have to say, I felt great that day, a little worse the next day, then everyday after that was progressively better and better! I'm now feeling almost 100%!! I'll be 38 weeks tomorrow and it's made the end of pregnancy so much more tolerable! I can sleep, etc!! I just wanted to send you a big THANK YOU!! I passed your info on the Florida Women's Center of Altamonte, Dr. Sweet's group as well as my perinatologist, Fetal Diagnostic Center, Dr. Al-Malt to refer patients. "THANK YOU!! I hope to get in again after I deliver!!"
Katie Woodward – Orlando, Florida

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a light touch therapy that helps to normalize the environment around the brain and spinal cord, to restore movement and balance in all body systems. It can help anything from chronic pain, TMJ dysfunction, anxiety disorders to fibromyalgia. It releases tensions deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction.

This subtle, yet powerful osteopathic technique dissipates the negative effects of stress, enhances health and strengthens resistance to disease, and thus should be considered an integral part of any health conscious wellness plan.

$80 for 60 minutes Buy now
$110 for 90 minutes Buy now
CranioSacral therapy in Orlando, Florida

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Sports Massage

Perform at your very best, whether you are a highly conditioned athlete or a weekend warrior. Optimize your performance, get relief from the discomfort that typically comes with intense training, and get help for injuries or trouble areas. Regular sports massage is a must for all athletes who want to maintain good health and prevent injury. Don't wait until something hurts as an injury takes longer to fix than it does to prevent.

$80 for 60 minutes Buy now
$110 for 90 minutes Buy now

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Neuromuscular Therapy

Neuromuscular Therapy is a specific treatment technique effective at eliminating pain from soft tissue pain and dysfunction. Neuromuscular Therapy is effective for treating chronic pain patterns and injuries by addressing each muscle specifically and eliminating areas that are not involved in the pain pattern. Not only is this treatment effective for conditions such as TMJ dysfunction and sciatica, it also helps give releif from pain imediately after treatment. With neuromuscular therapy we address the cause directly and avoid chasing symptoms, which allows us to get to the root of the problem right away. This session is recommended for anyone in chronic pain, through trauma or overuse, and for acute injuries after the first 72-96 hours.

$80 for 60 minutes Buy now
$110 for 90 minutes Buy now

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Massage Therapy

Don't let injuries and pain problems get you down. You don't have to suffer. Get immediate relief with an effective array of specific soft tissue techniques designed to get at the root of the problem.

$80 for 60 minutes Buy now
$110 for 90 minutes Buy now

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Micro-Current Point Stimulation (MPS) Therapy – Advanced Pain Management Technique

Micro-current point stimulati therapy

This integrative pain management technique combines acupuncture with advanced neurology to provide a therapeutic pain management treatment for the mind and body. This non-invasive, drug free pain relief technique has shown amazing results for many who have had little help with other modalities.

MPS can help with:

Scar Tissue & Adhesions
Chronic Pain
Injury & Post-Surgery rehabilitation
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
TMJ Pain
Frozen Shoulder
And so much more...

The list is endless and includes relief of physical pain and dysfunction, improved immune system and improved mood to improved physical and mental balance and wellbeing. For testimonials and to read more, please visit dolphinmps.com/testimonials/.

$80 for 60 minutes Buy now
$110 for 90 minutes Buy now

Micro-current point stimulati (MPS) therapy

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Medical Cupping

Cupping therapy in Winter Park

This modern tool takes advantage of the ancient technique of cupping that allows for deep tissue and myo-fascial work to be completed with little to no discomfort to the client. This is amazing given how "deep" the treatment goes. This technique is raved about by athletes and laypeople alike, due to its ability to move lymph fluid and pull toxins effortlessly to the surface to enhance healing.

Some of the PAIN FREE benefits of Cupping:

Pain relief and inflammation reduction
Chronic or acute muscle pain relief
Scar tissue and adhesion reduction post-surgery or post-injury
Advanced Myofascial release
Improve flexibility and range of motion
Increase circulation and enhance normal lymph flow
Injury reduction for athletes & performance enhancement
And so much more...

$80 for 60 minutes Buy now
$110 for 90 minutes Buy now

Orlando medical cupping

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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep-tissue massage utilizes slow strokes, direct pressure or friction applied across the grain of the muscles with the fingers, thumbs or elbows. Deep-tissue massage works deeply into the muscles and connective tissue to release chronic aches and pains; its purpose is to reach the fascia beneath the surface muscles.

$80 for 60 minutes Buy now
$110 for 90 minutes Buy now

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Medical Massage – Insurance Claims

We accept auto insurance claims and workers compensation cases with a prescription from a medical doctor or chiropractor, who states that your massage or bodywork treatment is MEDICALLY NECESSARY.

$35 to $60 per unit

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Relaxation Massage

Allow your stress to melt away and allow yourself a regular time to relax, breath and be pampered. Don't be fooled by its name – just because you get to relax does not mean there are no physiological benefits. This session is recommended for everyone as part of a total wellness plan.

$80 for 60 minutes Buy now
$110 for 90 minutes Buy now

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Reiki Therapy

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

$80 for 60 minutes Buy now

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Other Services

On Site Chair Massage

Orlando chair massage

More information here...

Looking to bring extra traffic to your booth at a convention or business event? Looking to bring something special to your staff appreciation day or looking for a regular incentive for your hard working staff? Chair massage with Gifted Touch is a cost effective way to accomplish these goals. Gifted Touch's Orlando chair massage services, serving Orlando and Central Florida.

Please contact us today for a quote

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The list of services above is just a starting point. You may not know what's the best massage for you, and that's okay! If you don't know or don't see the Orlando massage therapy service you're looking for, please contact the Winter Park massage therapy experts to discuss your specific needs.

Gifted Touch's massage therapists look forward to hearing from you.

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Kinesio Taping

Kinesio taping in Orlando Whether you have chronic pain or an acute injury, Kinesio Taping can help. This can be used in conjunction with any other treatment or service, or can be applied alone. A typical session lasts 10-15 minutes and involves taping over and around muscles in order to assist and give support to a certain area of the body. Unlike typical athletic tape, Kinesio Tape allows for full range of motion and can also be left on for up to 5 days.

$20 for 10 to 15 minutes Buy now

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Assisted Stretching

Whether you are an athlete or someone who does little in terms of exercise, stretching should be an integral part of your daily routine. Your body will feel more balanced, your energy levels will increase and your muscles and joints will thank you for investing in your healthcare. Recommended for anyone who has difficulty stretching, or who does not know where to begin when it comes to stretching.

$80 for 60 minutes Buy now

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Orlando Hypnotherapy in Winter Park

Gifted Touch offers a wide range of products for the whole person wellness experience. Certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, Gifted Touch offers the highest quality of education and skills to help you. Click here for more...

$150 for 1.5 to 2 hours Buy now

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