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Health is a choice we make every day. Without your health, other areas of your life suffer. Not only does limited health affect you physically, it also affects you on an emotional level, it affects your relationships, your work potential, how you deal with your friends and family... it affects your whole life.

The residents of Orlando know that regular "massage therapy" known to the pros as "bodywork", is safe, personal, has little to no negative side effects, gives you at least an hour relaxation, and leaves you feeling refreshed and energized. Pain is not something we need to accept as constant or acceptable in our lives. Something can be done and that's where a Gifted Touch massage in Orlando comes in. It is your birthright to be pain free so we encourage you to accept nothing less.

Gifted Touch massage therapy services are focused on giving you a helping hand along your path to your ultimate health.

Orlando Massage Therapy Services

The massage therapists at Gifted Touch offer a wide variety of body work and massage therapy services for the residents of Orlando, Orlando and surrounding areas. Krissy and her therapists can help with anything from childhood illnesses to automobile accidents and sports injuries. They have a passion to help people reduce pain and stress in their life, and have the skills and knowledge to fulfill that passion. Take a look at some of the health conditions massage therapy can help you with, and sign up for our monthly massage newsletter where you'll be the first to receive subscriber only massage specials and massage related health tips. Krissy and her staff want to help as many people as possible, they offer daytime, evening and weekend hours for your convenience. Contact us today for a time and day that suits your busy schedule. These Winter Park massage therapists also specialize in first time clients.

First time clients are just one of Orlando massage therapy experts' specialities. They know what it's like to get your first massage and will make absolutely certain you're relaxed and feeling comfortable throughout the whole massage experience. Not to worry, it's a fantastic one! You won't be dissapointed in your massage in Orlando.

Orlando Massage Therapy Experts

A leader in massage therapy, Gifted Touch massage therapists strive to give you the best massage therapy treatment possible. Massage therapy can help you move from a life of pain and stress to a life of ease and comfort. Massage therapy in Orlando is safe and non-invasive and thus has no negative side effects. These Winter Park massage therapists work to find the cause of your pain rather than treating your symptoms. This allows you to see immediate results that are long lasting, rather than an hour that feels good only to be back in pain once you leave the office. Visit the Winter Park massage services page and see for yourself the vast array of specialized treatments available to you, then take advantage of their special Winter Park massage gift certificate you'll find below, and call the office to book your one of a kind massage. It's never too late to start taking care of your health and there is no time like the present to begin your journey to a pain free life.

For First Time Massage Therapy Clients

The Gift of Massage in Orlando from Gifted Touch To You

Winter Park massage gift for you

The massage therapists at Gifted Touch Massage Therapy are truly passionate about what they do, and want you to experience first hand how great massage can be when done by a qualified massage therapist. Click here or on the massage gift certificate above to download your gift, and make sure to call the office to set up your one of a kind massage in Winter Park.

Use a BioMat for your next massage therapy in Orlando Experience the Added Benefits of Lying on Our Biomat While Getting Your Massage

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Give the Gift of Massage in Orlando and Winter Park

Massage gift certificates in Winter Park and Orlando Massage therapy in Orlando, Orlando or surrounding areas, is the perfect gift for all your family and friends. First of all, purchasing Gifted Touch massage therapy gift certificates will take the stress out of shopping for that perfect gift. Secondly, when you give your loved one, friend or boss a massage therapy gift certificate, it will be obvious that you have put some thought into your gift and that you truly care and appreciate them. Once they come in to redeem their massage therapy gift certificate, they will thank you over and over as the stress and pain will be eliminated or reduced from their daily life. Finding the perfect gift does not have to be stressful! Sign up for the monthly Winter Park massage newsletter so you don't miss any monthly massage specials that you can use towards massage gift certificate purchases.




Orlando Massage Hypnotherapy Services

Winter Park hypnotherapy services in Orlando The health professionals at Gifted Touch offer a whole person wellness experience with the addition of hypnotherapy services to their practice in Winter Park, also serving the Orlanda and area.

Hypnotherapy is the missing link between a life of struggle and one of well being and health. Not only does it help you remove blocks and limitations that are holding you back in your life, it also assists you in becoming free from your own self sabotaging behavior. We spend so much time and money on our bodies and forget to pay attention to the fact that our own mind is what holds us back. If only we spent some time every
day training our mind to work for us and not against us, we would be amazed at how our life would be transformed. Hypnotherapy in the Orlando and Orlando area gives you a jump start to changing your mind, and by doing so you will literally change your life. Change can happen in an instant, no matter how big...

Ask about Gifted Touch's total wellness session – which includes Craniosacral Therapy and Hypnotherapy at the same time... this is the ultimate experience!

Cost is $150 per session " Sessions run between 1.5hr and 2hrs.

Make positive changes today by booking your first session NOW, or setting up your FREE consultation.

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